The power of the One

A 20 hour battery life without concessions. 

Ultra low power processor.

Power optimised software.

20 hours on 1 charge.

Next generation processor

The Absolute Cycling One uses a next generation Ultra low-power processor that can easily display full color graphics and custom rendered maps without draining the battery before your ride is finished. This processor matches high speed processors used in high-end smartphones reducing load-time significantly. 

Tailor made software

We invested a lot of time and resources in our custom made software for our cycling computer. Our engineers and developers work hand-in-hand to create a system that gets the most out of our processor and other hardware without draining the battery.

Perfectly matched battery

Because we’re working with custom hardware and software we had the opportunity to select the perfect battery for our cycling computer. We’ve selected a battery size that gives the computer a battery life of 20 hours without making concessions on weight, size and aerodynamics. This removes the need to bring an extra power-bank to long distance rides. 

Next having a 20 hour battery life, the Absolute Cycling One has an accuracy within 2 meters. Want to know how we manage to do that? Read the full article here


The Absolute Cycling One can go for 20 hours on 1 charge, running on full power. We do ask you to charge the battery according to the instructions mentioned in the user manual. 

We want to make the Absolute Cycling One as user-friendly as possible. Being able to use different colours to differentiate between data can make a big difference. Especially when you’re going full speed with a high heart rate. This will increase battery consumption but since we’re using tailor made software, next gen processors and high-end batteries we still manage to get a 20 hour battery life. 

Yes, the charging dock comes with every purchase of the Absolute Cycling One.