Quality design & user experience

We spend a lot of time, money and love on our beautiful bikes. That’s why we set out to create a cycling computer that’s designed specifically for your ride. As if it was born from a bike. In this article we’ll explain certain design-choices we’ve made.

A 20 hour battery life without concessions

The Absolute Cycling One uses a next generation Ultra low-power processor that can easily display full color graphics and custom rendered maps without draining the battery before your ride is finished. This processor matches high speed processors used in high-end smartphones reducing load-time significantly.

How we achieve absolute accuracy

The Absolute Cycling One can track your location in real-time with an accuracy within 2 meters. Even after losing satellite connection. This makes it the most accurate cycling computer in the world. In this article we’ll explain how we manage to do that.

Maarten Tjallingii tells about his Cape Epic adventure

Former pro cyclist and Absolute Cycling team member Maarten Tjallingii participated in the Cape Epic. The most brutal mountain bike event in the world. In this article we share some of his experiences and the things we’ve learned about our Absolute Cycling One prototype.

New milestones and a new prototype

Last week we received our first prototype. We’ll be mounting it on the handlebar of Maarten Tjallingii who’ll be using it during the Cape Epic in Africa. The ultimate testing environment.