Read about our latest developments and updates. 

First navigation tests successful

We are happy to announce a huge milestone: The first navigation tests are done and a new test phase has started. Read all about it here.

From wireless to pin contact charging

We recently made the decision to move away from wireless charging and opt for pin contact charging the Absolute Cycling One. Read more on why we made this decision.

Together we achieve absolute precision

At Absolute Cycling precision and design is leading. Curious how our housing components are made and seamlessly connects to each other? Learn more here.

Juul van Loon – Riding the dream

Learn more about the essence of a bike computer leading elite mountain biker Juul van Loon to his dream: the UCI World Championships Mountain bike Marathon.

Bug hunting: The Results

We have been testing the A-One all summer long. Read more about the results and second tests to come.