Field tests in Spain

In February 2020 we were invited to have a test campaign in Jalón, Spain to test the Absolute Cycling One. After months of lab tests we finally took our baby’s out for a ride! Here’s a short recap of the tests.

Introducing the test team

The Absolute Cycling team, consisting of Harm Giesen, Remko Berg, Henk Berg, Maarten Tjallingii and Koen Hermsen, rode for four days in the surroundings of Calpe in the province of Alicante. With the technical knowhow of Harm, the pro-cycling knowledge of Maarten and the best routes from Henk, we could test different aspects and functionalities that have been developed in the lab. The rides and tests we did were good for teambuilding and new ideas came up.


The aluminium mount is solid as a rock

The high-end aluminium aero mount specially designed for the Absolute Cycling One to make it look like it was born for the bike withstood the first tests perfectly. It is the ultimate stable mount on the different roads we have been riding on for now. There’s hardly any vibration on bumpy roads or during top speed downhills.

Triplog and Strava uploads

Our team of engineers already tested the triplog and upload to Strava in the Netherlands many times. But how cool is it when you’re riding with your team in Spain and you can upload your ride to your Strava account instantly to check the results and segments together. We are pleased to see this function working fine and consistently as well as looking back at the full triplog. All data is analyzed in the lab and adjustments were made if necessary.


Screen readability

During the rides along the mountainous inlands of Alicante we mostly rode in sunny weather. This was a perfect time to test the anti-glare displays of the Absolute Cycling One. Even with full sun and from different angles, there was a more than sufficient readability of the screens.

Battery check

The batteries we used weren’t optimized at the time when testing in Spain, but sustained very well using the A-One during the rides and without switching it off during coffee breaks. There were some issues with the battery indication so we could ride for hours with 0% battery charged, isn’t that great! (This bug has been solved in the lab afterwards).

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