Absolute Cycling prototype

In the October 2019 issue of our newsletter we showed you the first image of the latest prototype housing of the Absolute Cycling One. Our engineers are working hard to develop software functions you want to have on your Absolute Cycling One. Synchronizing the One with our intuitive app and storing your data safely to the cloud is developed and ready for testing. We also created a new schedule with Absolute Cycling milestones for 2020.

Design and manufacturing

During our design for manufacturing and assembly phase, our hardware engineers faced a few challenges. In order to keep the computer as small and light as possible and maximizing the visible area of the display, we had to place the display underneath the 1.2 mm aluminium surface. Mounting toughened glass directly to the aluminium sleeve caused too great differences in thermal expansion while operating between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius. In order to insure great product assembly we simplified this process. Investing in a fail-proof process now, we reduce risks for product failure later. We only have one shot to make this perfect.

And, as Johan Cruyff said: ‘Elk nadeel heb z’n voordeel”. (“Every disadvantage has an advantage”): In case of a crash the screen is less likely to scratch since the aluminium hits the tarmac first.

Milestones Absolute Cycling One

Until now we communicated our product release in March 2020. Due to software and hardware engineering complexity this goal is no longer feasible. The commercial release of the Absolute Cycling One will be end of June according to our current planning. We won’t compromise the product, so this schedule shows our planning process for coming months.

milestones Absolute Cycling

  • A-Sample:  prototypes build in test hardware, 90-95% of final product.
  • B-Sample: first batch build in final hardware, 100% of final product.
  • Commercial release: first commercial release of Absolute Cycling One.

Every software functionality can be automatically updated by app or firmware update. Our test-riders can apply over every small feature or bug update in an instance.

Software development is an ongoing process where we keep adding new functionalities and bug fixes during the next half year and beyond.

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