Meet Guido Vroemen – Absolute test rider

We are proud to introduce you to our Absolute Cycling Test Team the coming weeks. We’ve selected various riders to test our A-sample bike computers and go out ‘bug hunting’. Every hunted bug will be analyzed, fixed or further developed. This week we introduce Guido Vroemen as one of our test riders.

About Guido Vroemen

Guido is a passionate cyclist, runner and triathlete. Guido: “As a sports medical doctor and exercise physiologist I founded SMA Midden Nederland (Sport Medical Advice and Performance Centre) where I test, train and coach top athletes to reach their (Olympic) goals.” As a specialist in the field of data analyses and power meters, Guido worked together with organizations such as Ironman, SRAM and Quarq. His expertise in these fields resulted in successes in training top athletes like Paralympic and multiple world champion handbiker and para triathlete Jetze Plat amongst others.

Absolute Cycling testrider Guido Vroemen

Guido’s background and expertise

Guido: “For over three years I have been involved with the development of the Absolute Cycling One. My expertise as an exercise physiologist and Level 2 TrainingPeaks coach allows Absolute Cycling to develop new techniques that really matter for the athlete where accuracy and real time data is most important. Currently I advise in developing new health and performance features that allow you to train better and help you reach your goals.”

“My expertise as an exercise physiologist allows Absolute Cycling to develop new techniques that matter.”

Guido Vroemen SMA office
Guido in his SMA Midden Nederland test lab in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Why are you testing and what is important according to you?

Guido: “On a daily basis I am closely involved with athletes and reaching their goals. Main thing that matters is having real time and correct data. Absolute Cycling asked me to test their first A-sample, so we can go ‘bug hunting’ and finetune the product features and software. I check and compare data between various power meters and the connectivity with the Absolute Cycling One. Besides testing power and external sensors, I am keen on testing overall user experience and hardware as well.”

SMA tes lab Absolute Cycling
The A-One A-sample mounted on his Specialized S-Works Roubaix

What do you expect of the A-One for now and the future?

Guido: “I expect a bike computer that has an easy to use interface for all kinds of cyclists. Screens should be easily adapted to certain training programs like TrainingPeaks. It should show the rider real time and reliable data that is easy to read on the screen of the bike computer. While training, there should not be any distractions. You should be focused on your training. For the future I rely on Absolute Cycling to unroll innovative health and performance features that really matter and will make the difference for all cyclists.”  

Guido test rider Absolute Cycling

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Guido in action for Absolute Cycling
Guido graveling the dirt around Amersfoort