An interview with a backer on Indiegogo #1

We were curious who the people are that donated to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. So we decided to interview some of them! Here’s number 1: Guy Moritz.

About Guy

“I’m an avid and recreative cyclist. I join several cycling tours in Belgium like LBL and the Waalse Pijl. Once a year go for a tour outside the country, preferably a cyclo in Italy or Spain. With the 20 hour battery life of the Absolute Cycling One I expect to use the navigation more than I normally do, especially during my international tours. I’m really looking forward to that!”



Guy Moritz during one of his rides.

Why did you choose to pre-order the Absolute Cycling One?

“Not only do I like supporting startups and new products, I’m also looking for a replacement for my current cycling computer, the Garmin 820. One of the main reasons to choose the Absolute Cycling One is the next generation technology. Accurate navigation, wireless charging and a long battery life all looked very appealing to me. What eventually made me pull the trigger was the modern design and the full color screen.”


“The Absolute Cycling One is an Absolute Eye-Catcher”


“Of course, it’s always a gamble to support a crowdfunding, especially when it comes with a price tag. People like Maarten Tjallingii (former pro cyclist) and Guido Vroemen (SMA – Sports Medical Advice Center) who are involved as Absolute Cycling team members, gave me the confidence that the Absolute Cycling One will live up to my expectations. Another plus side is that an extra speed sensor is redundant, so the computer can easily be used on several of my bikes.”

The Absolute Cycling One vs other cycling computers

“I personally welcome the Absolute Cycling One into the current market of cycling computers. I think it’s nice to see more competition. The Absolute Cycling One raises the bar when it comes to a properly designed cycling computer that’s both easy to use and is equipped with all the latest technology. A warm welcome in the cycling computer market.”

Guy’s message to cyclists

Support Absolute Cycling, the team really has a passion for cycling and they know what cyclists need. Choose for something new, something different. Choose for a beautiful and unique design that will be a winner for your bike. Also techwise!

Get more info on Indiegogo

We’ve closed the Indiegogo crowdfunding, but all information about the campaign is still available. For sales you need to wait until market introduction later in 2020.

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