An interview with a backer on Indiegogo #2

We are curious who the people are that donated to our crowdfunding campaign to support the Absolute Cycling One. So we decided to interview some of them! Here’s number 2: Jeroen Buter. Jeroen made the very first pre-order & supported our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

About Jeroen

“I love cycling and occasionally I join cycling races. I’m active on Strava, but my current cycling computer often has GPS issues. With the Absolute Cycling One I think I’ll never experience those issues again!”

Jeroen Buter Absolute Cycling

Why did you choose to pre-order the Absolute Cycling One?

“The design of the Absolute Cycling One is something else compared to cycling computers. It’s very modern and a true beauty! I adore beautiful products, that’s one of the reasons I was absolutely sure about my pre-order. I can’t wait to attach it to my handlebar and ride the most accurate routes with the One.”

“The design of the One is something else, it’s modern and a true beauty!”

“Absolute Cycling is being run by cyclists and their goal was not to simply add a new GPS navigation system in the market. The team really listened to the needs of cyclists and created a proper cycling computer.”

Jeroens message to cyclists

“If you see or meet the Absolute Cycling team members, you know that they’re not leaving their tasks unfinished. That gives me a lot of trust in the company and its product.”

Get more info on Indiegogo

We’ve closed the Indiegogo crowdfunding, but all information about the campaign is still available. For sales you need to wait until market introduction later in 2020.

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