First navigation tests successful

We are happy to announce that a new test phase has started. The first miles with our navigation system have been ridden and that’s something we are really proud of. Read more about the test phase and development here.


Why a new test phase?

After we completed the first test phase, we fully focused on the development and the second last test phase. Almost all hardware parts are new. The aluminium and plastic housing is produced in the Netherlands. The internal components such as antenna, gps receiver and chips have been replaced by the best quality components. Besides the hardware we can also test the stability of the new firmware and software of the complete Absolute Cycling System consisting of bike computer, app and cloud.

First navigation tests successful

We are absolutely thrilled the custom maps and navigation has been implemented successfully. This is a huge milestone we worked hard for this year together with our partners. To finally experience our custom designed maps on the bright and high-res screen is amazing. We are looking forward to testing the navigation, the interface and the connection with the app and improve when necessary. Please check out the first impression of a navigation screen below.

navigation absolute cycling

Testing the first production

This year we finished the final plastic and aluminium housing of the device. We chose our production partners carefully and they are mostly located in the Netherlands. In the brand new test computers, all housing components are made at our Dutch production partners. With building the new test computers, it is a perfect opportunity for testing the production lines on a small scale and finetune them when necessary. You can learn more about how the housing is made in the article ‘Together we achieve absolute precision‘.

When do we expect market introduction?

The key question of many of our followers and it is a fair question. In our June article about global chip shortage we estimated that our market introduction was feasible by the end of this year. With current knowledge, we now know that this was premature. With the present global chip and component shortages it has become even more challenging. Even though we knew that developing a cycling computer was not an easy task, we did not foresee it would take so long. However, we are confident to deliver a state of the art cycling computer. Due to the global shortages we can’t give a release date right now, but this will be well into 2022. We understand that this may not be a desirable answer, but we hope you understand the situation.

We appreciate all the emails with endless tips and ideas we receive that gives us the urge to develop the smartest cycling computer in the world. Many thanks to all of you!

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