From wireless to pin contact charging

When we designed the Absolute Cycling One, wireless charging seemed to be a modern and suitable fit. We’ve made a concept change to ensure safe and foolproof charging.

Read more on why we decided to change the way of charging.


Why we initially chose for wireless charging

During the concept phase of the Absolute Cycling One, the charging method had to be smart, simple and universal. With wireless charging, no holes were needed in the housing. This made the engineering process a bit easier, keeping dust and water out. USB connectors tend to oxidize, are not foolproof and dirt accumulates. Therefore wireless charging fitted in well in the concept. 

Overheating prevention

After a long test period, wireless charging turned out not to be the best way of charging. In northern European countries, wireless charging works mostly. In warmer areas where temperatures of 30+ degrees Celsius are more common, problems arise. It is not safe to charge the battery in high temperatures. With wireless charging we add another heat source since the copper coils generate heat when an electric current is running. The battery cannot become too hot during charging. To prevent overheating the charging current had to be throttled down or even stopped in hot conditions. To solve this challenge we consulted experts in wireless charging. A foolproof and risk free solution is not feasible. So we started looking for another charging solution.
SMA test lab Absolute Cycling

Change to pin contact charging

We recently made the decision to move away from wireless charging and opt for pin contact charging. This means that no extra heat is added and there is no fragile USB connector in the housing. We design an easy to use custom pin contact charger to clip on the cleat on the back of the device. This is a more conventional and reliable charging system. As usual, we provide a seamless design that matches the Absolute Cycling One with the simplicity and convenience that are central to our brand.

Additional benefits

In addition, the device will be a few grams lighter since we exclude the receiving charging coil. During outdoor adventures charging the device is more convenient than with a wireless charger.
Rosa van Doorn Absolute Cycling

No consequences for development

This change means that we’ve started a new development path to design the charging module. However, this has no risk to the overall planning. The lead time of the development of the charger will be shorter than the general development of the Absolute Cycling One. As soon as we have the first prototypes, we’ll show them.

Any questions?

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