An interview with a backer on Indiegogo

We were curious who the people were that donated to our crowdfunding campaign. So we decided to interview some of them! Here’s number 3: Edwin van Asten

Absolute Cycling workout

About Edwin

“I’m a recreational cyclist and always looking for a challenge. I think that the Absolute Cycling One will live up to all my expectations. Because their company vision is all about ‘me and my ride’ I can clear my mind while riding and enhance my performances AND the accuracy of my measurements.”

Edwin during one of his rides

Why did you choose to pre-order the Absolute Cycling One?

I pre-ordered the Absolute Cycling One plus cycling shirt (!) during the campaign because of the design, the unique features like increased accuracy and personalised training schedules, a fully customisable interface and because I have full confidence in the team that’s responsible for developing it.”

"I see the One as the new standard for cycling computers on the market and I expect it will surpass all others."

Edwins message to cyclists

Do you still have doubts about pre-ordering the Absolute Cycling One? There’s no need to, the computer is perfect, beautiful and in my opinion, it offers the best price-quality ratio.

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We’ve closed the crowdfunding, but all information about the campaign is still available.