An interview with a backer on Indiegogo

We were curious who the people were that donated to our crowdfunding campaign. So we decided to interview some of them! Here’s number 4: Benjamin Dube (Australia)

Absolute Cycling workout

About Benjamin

Most days I ride to and from work (around 30km a day) and in the weekends I try to go for a longer ride. I’ve done the Peaks Challenge Falls Creak (240km, 4500m elevation) in Victoria – Australia, five times and enjoy the challenge of those longer rides.”

Benjamin Dube Absolute Cycling

Why did you choose to pre-order the Absolute Cycling One?

It was a combination of reasons. I saw the article on DC Rainmaker and was intrigued with the project and impressed with the design and look. I haven’t previously gotten involved with crowdfunding and thought it would be a good opportunity to support the development of a new product.”

"One of my bikes is an Argonaut and I think the Absolute Cycling One and its sleek design will look spectacular on that bike."

The Absolute Cycling One compared to other cycling computers

I really like the the design of the One. I have used a number of different cycling computers over the years – predominantly Garmin (I currently use a Garmin 1030) but also own a Wahoo Bolt and a Hammerhead Karoo. All of them have some great features but I’ve never really had one that was perfect – Karoo is too big, bolt too small and the Garmin just seems to always come up with some uploading problems from time to time.

Benjamin's message to cyclists

Future development in cycling technology is worth the investment. It will be great to be able to say that I supported them from the start.

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We’ve closed the crowdfunding, but all information about the campaign is still available.