Juul van Loon – Riding the dream

Summer of 2020; elite mountain biker Juul van Loon starts testing Absolute Cycling One’s first ‘A-sample’ bike computers. Learn more on Juul’s story of ‘riding his dream’ and the essence of an accurate cycling computer.

From crumpled map to bike computer

“Fifteen years ago, planning a ride was totally different. No matter how good I was prepared, I always had to check that crumpled map out of my back pocket too often. Checking local signs, new sweat appearing on the weakening, damp paper. Eventually, I kept all my data in a diary, manually. The fun hasn’t changed, but the efforts of discovering new trails and keeping records and statistics have”, Juul says.   

Juul van Loon Absolute Cycling
A big smile appears when Juul mounts one of the first Absolute Cycling test computers.

‘All that measurements’

These days, an advanced cycling computer is essential for Juul. As a passionate mountain bike marathon expert Juul can’t imagine what it takes to receive all the information that is measured in a cycling computer these days. Juul: “And I am not only talking about accurate navigation, which supports me even in races. I’m also talking about speed, distance, altitude, heart rate and especially power. As power is most essential to me when I’m riding. During the tests with the A-One, I fell in love with setting up favorite screens. I easily switch screens while riding, so I can focus on just that one metric that matters to me (power!). My favorite screen is just that one metric: my power only. From the intuitive app, screen setup is done within some simple clicks and synchronizing with wifi works smoothly.”

Juul's ideal racing screen trans

Juul’s ideal racing screen

Riding The World’s

By his own words, Juul grew from ‘recreational mountain biker’ to ‘professional amateur’. Since a couple of years, he lives more for his sport and the results of having a coach, power meter and well structured training paid off quickly. He won a couple of smaller German races, was part of the head of the race more often and finished top 3 regularly. What he thought it would be too ambitious, happened in 2019: Juul qualified for the UCI World Championships Marathon and rode the world’s for the Netherlands.

“Structured training with a bike computer allowed me to ride a dream: the UCI World Championships Mountainbike Marathon.”

Juul WK MTB Marathon 2019
Juul van Loon riding his dream during the UCI World Championships Mountainbike Marathon 2019.

Data never lies

Without a cycling computer Juul can’t imagine that this dream would have come true. Juul: “During training I am always working on precisely performing within blocks of a certain power. Long endurance blocks on 60%, climbing on 100% or short sprints full effort: I always check my data as much as possible and I want it to be precise and accurate. The same goes for races: your feeling is important, but true data never lies! Pacing during a race using power metrics is key in achieving good results, especially when I am getting tired. For me an easy to use interface and a clear screen in both sunny and shady conditions is most important. I want to check my metrics in one single glance. The custom aluminium out-front mount makes sure that the A-One is solid on my handle bar without any vibrations, which makes it easier to read the screen in bumpy conditions. Absolute Cycling’s A-One offers that clearly to me. ”

“Your feeling is important, but data never lies!”


Absolute Cycling taking the next step

Juul, who is a Dutch sports journalist and running his own MTB blog Bikesight.nl when he is not on the bike, is convinced that the A-One will take it to the next step. Juul: “Being part of the test team, contribute in the development and open discussions with the team is very satisfying. I focus on user experience during heavy exercise and weather conditions. Besides that, displaying the correct data is crucial to me. I’m looking forward to future functionalities and integrations that makes it even easier to focus on the ride and trust your computer.”

Juul van Loon for Absolute Cycling

“I’m looking forward to test integration with komoot.”

Discovering new trails

In these corona times when borders are locked, we need to find joy in our own region. Juul, living in the east of the Netherlands, is used to go to Germany finding new trails. New social platforms like komoot show how valuable sharing new trails can be. Juul: “I lived here almost my entire life and there is nothing better than figuring out new routes from a map. komoot is doing a great job, with inspiring sharing possibilities and even making new cycling friends. Integrating a komoot route into the A-One smoothly saves a lot of desktop work. I can’t wait to test the integration later this year. Stay tuned for updates!”

Follow Juul on his rides

2021 is the year with new goals and new adventures. Follow Juul’s stories on Bikesight.nl and his Instagram account.

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