Back with an update

We are back with an update! In the last couple of months there were so many tasks at hand we didn’t get to writing everything down. But from now on there will be website updates coming your way again.

Definitive hardware

So, what have we been up to in the meantime? Our biggest achievement is that the hardware design, both housing and electronics, has been made definitive in September. We’re happy to finally have this step done and dusted, but we acknowledge it’s half a year later than initially planned. Some problems with the quality of the Bluetooth® module forced us, after extensive research, to select a different chip. We’re relieved to have this all solved, but finding these kinds of solutions takes its time. Even though a delay like this is, even for us, frustrating at the moment, taking the time to find the best solutions is essential for reaching the ultimate goal in the long run; making the best cycling computer out there. Looking ahead, the Absolute Cycling One is now planned to launch in 2023.

Proto testing

Testing is essential to develop the most pleasant user experience. In September we got a new series of protos with which we can do plenty of that. While testing we are searching for bugs and possible points of improvement. With a software update every two weeks we improve existing- and implement new features based on the test results. Every cycle the software gets more and more optimized.

In December we expect to receive the first protos with the definitive hardware to test. When these tests show positive results we can certificate the product. After certification is done the following move is to order the first big series of computers, which will get to the crowd funders.

Besides the steps we take in the development of the computer, Absolute Cycling is also doing well as a company. The team is growing and we’re managing to take on the challenges we’re facing more efficiently day by day.

So far this somewhat longer update. For now, keep on riding, and until the next update!