Recap Absolute Cycling Events March 2020

In March 2020 we organised two events especially for our crowdfunding backers. The Absolute Cycling Backers Event in Arnhem was a great success. The idea was to bring the entire community together, from developers to cyclists. 

In Heiloo (Noord Holland), we organised an evening at one of our favourite bike shops Service Koers.

Absolute Cycling Backers Event, Arnhem 7th March 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any wind. In attendance were a group of 50 enthusiast riders and a great atmosphere. We believe it is important to invite our crowdfunding backers to ride with us whilst presenting them with the latest prototype. Without our backers we would not have been able to start this project to create the smartest cycling computer in the world.

From developer to cyclist

We very much wanted to connect with our crowdfunding backers and share with them the story of Absolute Cycling: how it began, and where we stand now. To this end, we made sure our partners were there too. The Absolute Cycling One is developed in the Netherlands in the city of Arnhem and it is from this region that most of our partners hail. The entire circle of the Absolute Cycling Team were in attendance: our main partner Inspiro with their team of software engineers, Eight Media who created the UX/UI design for both the app and head unit, Klein Mechaniek who are developing the plastic interior and Makso who will manufacture the final product. They were all there to meet and forge a connection with our future cyclists.

We love to hear our backers ideas

We also asked our backers to bring in ANY idea that we could add to the Absolute Cycling One down the line. Think different, think out-of-the-box. If you have a great, weird or an extremely high-tech and crazy idea that doesn’t exist yet on any bike computer, then send us an email at and we will add it to our riders wish list. Ideas like road surface indication and even core temperature indication were just some of the best proposals. No matter how far fetched the idea, drop us a line, and we will research the possibilities for the future.

About the presentation

We are sure you’d love to read more about Harm’s presentation that he gave at both events. Read all about it in Absolute Cycling Milestones 2020 and Field tests in Spain.

Pictures Absolute Cycling Backers Event

Have a look at the pictures of the event on our Facebook galleries: Absolute Cycling Backers Event Arnhem and take a look at the pictures of the evening at Service Koers.