Together we achieve absolute precision

At Absolute Cycling precision and design is leading. Our housing components are made with the most possible precision and connect seamlessly to each other. Learn more about Absolute Cycling’s production partners and their techniques to produce the highest possible quality components.

Perfection & attention to detail

We choose our partners on quality, perfection and attention to detail. Whenever you make a choice, it better be the right one. Our production partners are located in the Netherlands, which makes it possible to switch, adapt and continue quickly.  

Klein Mechaniek’ produces the plastic housings. Through injection moulding, they form the plastic parts of the Absolute Cycling One. From the start of the hardware development, we have had a special cooperation with Klein Mechaniek, providing valuable advice in finding the right techniques to create plastic components. They strive for perfection of their plastic for a strong and perfect end-product.

For Absolute Cycling Klein Mechaniek produces the plastic parts by injection moulding. With this process, where melting plastic is injected at pressure into a mould, they can produce the parts with a tolerance of only 0.01 mm. As a result, they connect seamlessly to the other components such as the aluminium housing of the cycling computer and the printed circuit board. Klein Mechaniek’s absolute precision is something that fits perfectly with Absolute Cycling’s ‘absolute accuracy’.

MIFA precision extrusion products produces the aluminium part of the housing. MIFA specializes in the precision extrusion of aluminium profiles for industries like aerospace, medical equipment and other industrial applications. They produce fully-finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from 0.02 mm. 

MIFA: “This level of aluminium extrusion precision means endless possibilities. It gives designers freedom in design, without the restrictions of standard specifications. As a result of this we achieve the optimum product.”

Combined perfection

It may seem easy to connect these products seamlessly, but it comes down to the utmost precision of both products. The used techniques in the production of both materials differ from each other, but having the least possible tolerance makes it possible to seamlessly combine both parts. Together they form the design like it was born for the bike. We are proud of the results, showing how these parts ánd partners perfectly fit together. 

Enjoy the video close-ups (better experience with sound).

Eager to learn more on how these products are made? Visit Klein Mechaniek and MIFA precision extrusion products for more.
Close-up of Absolute Cycling One’s aluminium housing and plastic back cover fitting seamlessly together.

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