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The Absolute Cycling One was supposed to be launched early 2021. This plan turned out to be too ambitious, but we continue development strongly. We would love to give you some more details here.

We expected to have the Absolute Cycling One ready by early 2021. Unfortunately this did not happen.

The Covid-19 year of 2020 has also been difficult for Absolute Cycling as a startup. Besides technical challenges, we also faced financial challenges by which we had to downscale development for a while. This resulted in a delay.

We have put a lot of work for a bright perspective so Absolute Cycling can continue strongly. With fully invested and funded growth plans we now can power up development once more. We can’t give you an exact launch date, but we are confident the Absolute Cycling One will be completed by the end of 2021. Our team and partners are extremely motivated for our goal, so we as cyclists can all benefit the smartest cycling computer in the world. 

“With fully invested and funded growth plans we now can power up development.”

At the same time, we were able to test the basic functions of the head unit, cloud and intuitive app.  Please check the details in Absolute’s previous article ‘Bug hunting: The results’. Furthermore we have set a strong test team, eager to start the second test phase.

We are touched by the many curious messages from crowdfunding backers, cyclists and followers, all patiently waiting to ride with the Absolute Cycling One. We’d like to thank you for your patience and confidence in Absolute Cycling. Just as you, we cannot wait to enjoy our rides even more with the ultimate companion. We are working as hard as we can to make this true asap. 

Enjoy your rides and have a great start of the cycling season. Don’t forget to sign-up for the Absolute Newsletter below and follow our socials.

If you have any questions or tips? Please feel free to drop us a line on info@absolutecycling.com.

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