The smartest cycling computer in the world

Introducing the Absolute Cycling One. With a real-time accuracy within 2 meters, a full color screen and a 20 hour battery life. Made in the Netherlands. 


Absolute Positioning Technology

The Absolute Cycling One can track your location in real-time with an accuracy within 2 meters. Even after losing satellite connection. Read more about our Absolute Positioning Technology (APT) here.


20 hour battery life on full power

The Absolute Cycling One uses a next generation Ultra low-power processor that can easily display full color graphics and custom rendered maps without draining the battery before your ride is finished. 


Quality Design & User Experience

– Design by Valeur Designers
– No external speed sensor needed
– Easy to mount on any bike
– User experience by Eight Media
– Easy setup using our app
– 3″ full colour screen
– Compatible with Strava & TrainingPeaks


The Absolute Cycling One

Just you and your ride

We believe that cycling is all about the ride. Everything that distracts from it should be removed. That’s why we strive to create a cycling computer that removes all distractions, is 100% reliable and easy to use. 

Meet the maker

Harm Giesen is an industrial product designer with a passion for cycling. He’s been working on the Absolute Cycling APT technology since 2015. Recently he joined forces with Maarten Tjallingii, Henk Berg, Remko Berg, John Vader and many more talented individuals who all share the same passion for cycling and will help bring the smartest cycling computer to life.

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