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The OneTM

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No distractions, just you and your ride

Whether you’re road cycling, gravel biking or mountain biking, it’s all about pleasure – or it should be.
Current cycling computers don’t always make your ride a pleasure.

At Absolute Cycling, we believe cyclists from all over the world want to get the most out of their rides. Whether it’s a fun ride with friends or you’re training to push yourselve to the outermost limits, the gear you use has to complement your ride and not distract from it.


No distractions, just you and your ride

  • Cycling specific map view

    We design our maps with the focus on fast readability, with the best contrasting colors and very clear turn-by-turn indications.

  • Visualize your workout

    Want to workout? Then you want to know that you’re hitting your target power or heart rate. The One gives you the feedback you need.

  • Design your own screens

    Up to eight metrics in one screen, or just one big number on your display? You design your own fields. And they are unlimited: as many as you wish.

‘By removing all distractions we leave you with the one thing that cycling is all about: pure outdoor pleasure!’

Harm Giesen founder Absolute Cycling


Actual performance data, not an estimate

The One can track your location in real-time with an accuracy within 2 meters. Even after losing satellite connection. Together with knowledge partner Flanders Make we’ve created “sensor fusion”: a smart algorithm that can calculate your location and give you accurate positioning and navigation even in harsh conditions.

Absolute Positioning Technology

The One is very accurate up to two meters from your exact location, thanks to all built-in sensors. With this, there is no need for an additional external speed sensor.

Absolute Altitude Technology

Why only use a barometric sensor for elevation determination? We use multiple data input and give you the actual altitude grade, without a delay. So you know that the suffering uphill is real.

Sensor Fusion

We created our “sensor fusion” algorithm to be accurate in harsh conditions like dense forests, tunnels and between tall buildings. Even with temporarily no satellite connection at all, The One navigates with ease.


Experience the future of cycling


Born from a bike

Well, you have your dreambike. A cycling computer should be an extension of that. Not some ugly plastic thing.


The One is designed with the precision and elegance of Danish aesthetics. It’s durable, trustworthy, elegant. And at the same time never compromise on functionality and aerodynamics.


From concept to reality

Fits on any handlebar

A sturdy and shockproof mount for every bike type, in a unique shape with nearly zero frontal surface. Designed and tested to the maximum. No “safety cord” is needed, we guarantee.

  • Standard mount

    For round handlebars 31.8 millimeters

  • Extension mount

    For aero handlebars

  • Pin joint mount

    For Bontrager Blendr & GoPro style attachment

  • Stem mount

    For all type of handlebars with stem bolts

‘The design looks like it’s born from a bike. The One is for people who pay a lot of attention to their bikes.’

Torsten Valeur CEO Valeur designers



Brighten up your day

The One has the best display that’s currently on the market of cycling computers. With a smart built-in sensor for adaptive brightness. And styling the metric screens yourselves give you all the room to show your data as large as you want. Great for seeing your data at a glance.


See all at a glance


A display made for cycling

Great readability, also in direct sunlight

Highest resolution display on the market

Waterproof, dustproof


The power to go on for miles

The One uses a next generation ultra low-power processor that can easily display full color graphics and process your route navigation & rerouting without draining the battery before your ride is finished.

20+ hour battery life

Low power high speed processor

Direct charging without vulnerable USB openings


Reliable power and convenient charging

The One is presented in a beautiful way on it’s charger. It is museumworthy.

Jens Christian Møller senior designer at Valeur designers


Leave your phone at home

The Absolute Cycling ecosystem is a harmonious integration of The One, the intuitive Absolute Cycling app and a robust cloud platform.


This ecosystem empowers you with seamless synchronization and automatic (free!) firmware updates. Control all your settings and plan your routes via the app, and sync it when you turn on The One.

More about the app


All systems GO


Designed to last

As a cyclist of course you care about the planet and nature. Absolute Cycling is committed to sustainability by creating The One with recyclable materials and ensuring minimal environmental impact.


Our design process prioritizes longevity and efficiency. Yes, the cycling computer is fully waterproof and yet repairable if needed. And our packaging is just plain carton, so easily recyclable.

More on Sustainability


Born and produced in The Netherlands

‘Let’s change the game of cycling computers!’

Harm Giesen founder Absolute Cycling

The OneTM

Your cycling computer reinvented

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    DC Rainmaker

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    The Coolector

  • Futuristic bicycle computer simply comes from The Netherlands


  • A sexy bike computer that shows you exactly what you need when you need it


We all share the same passion for cycling and bring the smartest cycling computer to life

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