Frequently Asked Questions

When will The One be available?

Firstly we will release The One to our crowdfunders, in May 2024. The product will be publicly available from Summer 2024. Please follow our social channels for the updates on that.

Where can I buy The One?

You’re already at the right spot. Our cycling computer can be bought online at

And also at some selected retailers in The Netherlands and Belgium

Why buy your cycling computer?

Have you ever experienced some hassle and stress with setting up your current cycling computer? Or perhaps you were not happy with how (in)accurate the GPS was? Well we offer the solution to both.

A cycling computer that is really ease to use, highly accurate also in harsh conditions (due to our sensor fusion algorhythm) and it really is some eye candy. Your bike will look better with it.

I am a retailer and like to know more about The One

That’s great! We’ve only started with a small selected retailer network yet and we are looking forward to expand that.

Please let us know why you want to be a dealer and sell The One from your store.

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