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Hi! We’re new to the cycling industry, but with already years of development under our belt. From our start we already got some great articles on the realization of The One, like on DC Rainmaker, The Coolector and many more. Want to publish something about Absolute Cycling? Great! Please have a look at our Media Kit.
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Revolutionizing Your Ride: Exploring Absolute Cycling’s Bike Computer

Absolute Cycling wants to improve your ride. Whether you’re just having a fun ride with your friends or you’re pushing yourself to the outermost limits, the gear you’re using has to compliment your ride and not distract from it. That’s why they’re building a cycling computer that’s incredibly easy to use, absolutely accurate and completely free from distractions. This leaves you to enjoy what is most important: the ride itself.

Using a disruptive new positioning technology their team has managed to track your position within a two meter range. Even after losing satellite connection. This same technology is used to measure your speed and many other performance statistics, removing the need for an external speed sensor. After testing their prototype it’s time to release their first product; The One to the world.

In June ’19 they had a successful crowdfunding campaign where you were able to purchase The One with amazing perks. If you want to keep track of their latest developments you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram or you can check their website for the latest news. Now go enjoy your ride!